The differences between VMWare Workstation and VDI Comparative 2020!

In the world of computers, it is essential to be aware of the new programs that are coming out, and it is also important to know which ones are better than others.

It is innovative to see that there are so many programs that make it easier for you to navigate through virtualization. A clear example of this is VDI and VMWare Workstation.

At first, both programs may seem extremely similar, however it is important to note that they are not the same, and therefore, both programs have differences between them. Accordingly, we will now talk a little about VDI and VMWare Workstation. Choose the program you want to use!

What is VDI?

Initially, VDI is, so to speak, a kind of software that has been studied and introduced since the 1990s. What VDI is trying to do is a desktop virtualization.

In this way, the program makes it possible to have access to a desktop that has other different computers, and all by means of a physical machine. It doesn’t matter at all that it is an obsolete machine.

Also, using a VDI is quite simple. Initially, you will need to access the program and log in to your device, then a connection agent will accept the join request after authentication.

You will then be sent to a desktop where you can access the operation of multiple computers. In short, the program makes it possible to navigate in a Windows 9 from a very old computer, for example.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that there are 2 types of VDI, among which the persistent and non-persistent VDI stand out.

According to the above mentioned, the persistent VDI is created for only 1 user, who can log in and access the same desktop, with the same data, as many times as he wants. This option is the most common.

In contrast, the non-persistent VDI does not maintain a fixed desktop, and data is lost every time the user logs out.

What is VMWare Workstation?

VMware Worstation is one of the most widely used programs today, because from it you can create virtual machines in a simple and innovative way.

This program makes it possible to manage computers and virtual machines from a physical computer.

They do not necessarily have to have the same software or operation, since you can access the functions of a MacOs virtual machine from, for example, a computer that works with Windows.

Consequently, you will be able to try out new operating systems! And you can also connect the USB to download the application to your Smartphone.

Differences and contradictions between VMWare and VDI

The main thing we can point out is that VMWare Workstation has its own VDI, therefore, both programs are not the same.

Also, it is highlighted that years ago (approximately in the year 2006) VDI was considered an alternative of the computation, and was the base of the server of the programs that, nowadays, are independent and have their own VDI, as it is the case of Microsoft, and of course VMWare Workstation.

VMWare has the function of creating virtual machines of Software, and allows to execute a virtual desktop in the VDI. At the same time, it offers new versions for the user and is much more innovative.


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