All about Vmware workstation The best program for Windows!

The incredible advance of technology is giving us access to new tools and programs that make our lives easier. A clear example of this are the emulators, however, virtualization programs like VMWare Workstation have attracted a lot of attention.

Also, as we read, virtualization programs are one of the favorites of people who are dedicated to computers, because it is very curious about their type of software and everything they can achieve.

If you want to know what makes VMWare Workstation one of the most acclaimed, studied and consumed programs, read on and find out!

What is VMWare Workstation?

Initially, VMWare Workstation is a program that has been carefully studied and designed by Diane Green since 1998. Over the years, its creators have developed and renewed the program in order to launch a quality version.

Today, this program works just as well as and better than an emulator. And in the same way, it adapts quite well to Windows. It is also compatible with other computers such as Mac, Smartphone, among others.

VMWare Workstation is one of the best virtualization interfaces. In short, it is a program that allows you to change the operating system of your computer, and access what another computer has to offer.

In other words, VMWare makes it possible for you to access the functions of a device as if you had it physically, although clearly this is not the case. For example, it makes it possible for your computer to function as a Smartphone, and therefore, access its functions.

Consequently, all the people who use this program will be able to configure virtual machines on a totally different computer. Without a doubt, this makes it innovative and interesting for computer scientists.

How does VMWare Workstation work in Windows?

Through Windows we can use VMWare, as long as we download the program first.

Once we have it installed in the computer, you will have to open the program by a simple click.

First, you will find several options in VMWare Workstation, initially you must click on the option “Create a new virtual machine”.

Then, the program will give you 2 options to choose from, which are Create a typical virtual machine, or a custom virtual machine.

According to this, it is recommended that you select the option “Create a typical virtual machine”. Then, press the “Next” button.

After performing these steps, you will be presented with new options, among which you should click on “Install the operating system later”.

Once you do this, VMWare Workstation will immediately show you all the operating systems that are available according to the computer you are using. This way, you will probably get some options like Mac OS X, Linux, Microsoft, among others.

It is important to note that you should always click on the “Next” option. Finally, you must click on “Turn on the virtual machine”.

Download VMWare Workstation for Windows

On the other hand, the safest way to download VMWare for your computer, is from its website

Go to their official page through Google and download the program for the PC.


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