All about VMWare Workstation Horizon The best program for your mobile phone!

It’s always good to have a program that provides you with solutions and is always innovating. This is exactly the case with VMWare Workstation Horizon.

It is quite practical to have a program that allows you to navigate freely, change the operating system of your computer, and in turn, be fast for you.

According to this, more and more users are joining this platform and creating an account in this program. Below, we will tell you more about Horizon and what it has to offer. You can’t miss it!

What is VMware Horizon Apps?

Initially, Horizon is one of the modern versions offered by the VMWare Workstation program.

As it’s well known, VMWare Workstation is just a downloadable program on any device that allows you to change the interface and operating system to access features of a different computer, even if you don’t have it physically.

This way, you can make a Windows computer work like MacOs, among other examples.

VMWare is a fairly versatile program, and in fact has several versions to offer. One of them is the Horizon Apps version. This version is the most compatible for IOS, and which in fact, you can find in the App Store.

In this way, VMWare Workstation Horizon is nothing more than an application virtualization program, very safe and fast for your Smartphone.

The program will be able to configure the operating system of your phone, and make it work as Windows, Linux, among other options available.

Price of the program

However, this version of Horizon is paid, unlike the other versions that VMWare Workstation may have available.

Since it is a downloadable App on your mobile phone, which has new features, it obviously has a cost. You will be able to create virtual machines and desktop infrastructures for only the cost of $10 per month.

Benefits of VMWare Workstation Horizon

1) You can use Windows programs and features from your mobile phone.

2) You can publish Windows applications along with mobile applications and group them into a digital workspace.

3) It’s a secure application.

4) It reduces unnecessary time from other applications on your mobile phone.

Download VMWare Worksation Horizon

At the same time, this program can be downloaded from the App Store. You can also find it on the VMWare Workstation website. Just look for it in your mobile browser!

🔥 Download now!


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